Sean Saylor, Senior VP, and CCO of ViacomCBS Networks America

ViacomCBS: In this industry, we compete for people's time
14 de julio de 2021

Sean Saylor, Senior VP, and CCO of ViacomCBS Networks Americas shared with Mara Fernández, PRODU; Ivana Steinberg, AMC, and César Sabroso, A+E, in the FIAP Face to Face Webinar his vision on how media and channels work as a brand when it comes to selling products. The executive highlighted the importance of the product that they market, which is a channel, a platform, or audiovisual content, that in order to be consumed the user must give part of its time.

“We compete for people's time. Time is very precious and we need people watching us from the other side of the screen. For that, what we seek with our brands is to create a connection with the client, generally an emotional connection with the audience so that they continue to consume, and give us some of their time,” said Saylor.

“As a brand, we also have two different products that we offer, the channel and the content. It is not the same to sell or offer Paramount+, for example, or any of our TV channels, as it is to offer some specific content such as The Handmaid’s Tales. The strategy is different for each product,” he indicated.

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