Michelle Morán, CEO of Moran Vidal Agency

Vidal Agency: Televisa resumes productions
19 de mayo de 2020

The actors' manager Michelle Morán has not stopped entirely and starting this week, her work rhythm could speed up. "It seems that this week certain productions will be resumed in Mexico and everything is going to be trial and error because we are in the middle of the infection spread peak. Televisa starts on May 25. We must go hand in hand with productions and support the reactivation of the industry. It is convenient for all of us to advance, but be aware that at some point, we will probably have to take one step back," commented the CEO of Moran Vidal Agency. 

The 80 people she represents, some with projects at Televisa, will start on May 25 and others the first week of June, as is the case of the cast of La Mexicana y el Güero. This production was supposed to start on March 30 but had to be postponed.

In general, on productions, they are taking measures such as taking tests, providing protective equipment, and reducing crews. In the case of Televisa, they will start with scenes on forums to then go to locations, in reverse order from how it was planned, she commented. La Mexicana y el Güero, produced by Nicandro Díaz, has locations in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Canada.

The actors, led by Itatí Cantoral, Juan Soler, and Luis Roberto Guzmán did reading work virtually, mentioned Morán. “These producers that are taking risks give us the hope that everything can go back to normal as soon as possible".