The awarded Dominican movie will premiere this Saturday, November 16.
ViendoMovies premieres Carpinteros in November
14 de noviembre de 2019

The channel ViendoMovies owned by SOMOSTV will premiere the Dominican movie Carpinteros this Saturday, November 16.

The movie (11 times nominee and nine times winner) was awarded at the Santander International Film Festival, Guadalajara International Film Festival, La Silla, ACE Awards and at the Toulouse Latin American Film Festival.

Carpinteros is a romantic drama developed in the dangerous prison of Najayo in Dominican Republic. With no willing to live, Julian has come to serve his sentence there. Yet, as the days go by he meets Yanelly, a female inmate who is in the same headquarters. Their romance grows between the jail’s bars and walls, so they communicate with a sign language created by the inmates of the two prisons. They will keep their relationship hidden from Manaury, a dangerous man who also "carpintea" with Yanelly.

Carpinteros will be premiered together with another great movie: Somos lo Que Hay, a horror movie that narrates the story of a family who found themselves helpless after the father dies.

ViendoMovies is a channel characterized by having current and exclusive content and highlights high quality films from the Latin American countries. The programming strategy is designed to offer a space with fewer repetitions. Carpinteros restates this message.