Sin Fin is one of the contemporary films which debuts on June

ViendoMovies presenting premiers from Mexico and Spain

02 de junio de 2020

ViendoMovies closes spring with an exclusive contemporary film cycle dedicated to its audience filled with laughter, drama, and plenty of movie stars. For June, ViendoMovies presents La Gran Promesa (Mexico), Sin Fin (Spain), Tercer Grado (Spain), and Yo Mi Mujer y Mi Mujer Muerta (Spain).

Nominated for the Ariel Awards, ViendoMovies premieres the hit movie La Gran Promesa. In this Mexican drama, Sergio is a photographer who takes the perfect war photograph, but because of this, he is late for the birth of his daughter where his fiancée dies. His wife's ex-husband takes away his daughter with a legal trick, and Sergio chooses to steal her back. He ends up giving her to his best friends so she does not live her youth as a fugitive. 23 years will pass until they meet again.

Sin Fin tells the story of Javier, a young man in love who travels back in time to rewrite his last day with Maria, the love of his life. Remembering and reliving the moment when they met, he will try to get Maria to be the happy and smiling girl he once fell in love with.

Awarded at the Malaga Festival, Yo Mi Mujer y Mi Mujer Muerta is a hilarious comedy where an architect teacher takes his wife's ashes to the Costa del Sol after her grave was vandalized.

In addition to these monthly premieres, the channel celebrates Latino parents with a programming dedicated to them on June 21 on Father's Day. El Fútbol o Yo (Argentina), El Reino (Spain), Pa Que Me Casé (Dominican Republic), Torrente 3 (Spain), and La Mala Noche (Ecuador).