On every Sunday night a special set of titles with the acclaimed actor Mario Casas

ViendoMovies presents the best movies of Mario Casas in April
26 de marzo de 2019

ViendoMovies brings on every Sunday night in April a special set of titles with the acclaimed actor Mario Casas.

Mario’s fans will enjoy unforgettable and top box-office films such as Toro, Carne de Neón, Palmeras en la Nieve, Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo (which is one of the highest-grossing films in the history of cinema in Spain) and Tengo Ganas de Ti (the movie with the highest ticket sales at its premiere in Spain in 2012), among others.

The thriller Toro tells the story of two brothers who reunited after five years separated. Carne de Neón is another thriller in which Ricky (Casas), an abandoned boy from the street, has survived along prostitutes and pimps until he turns 23 and learns that his mother is out of jail.

Palmeras en la Nieve is based in 1953, Killian (Casas) decides to go to his father's cocoa farm in the Equatorial Guinea. Once there, he will discover that life is more pleasant than in the gray Spain, but his desires for a girl will make both live a story of love and hatred unbearable.

To finish the month, ViendoMovies presents the popular romantic movies that made Mario the box office star that he is today, Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo y Tengo Ganas de Ti.