The first ZAP Novelas that is being produced in 4K is Wuthering Heights

VIP 2000 TV and Idea launch a new TV genre: ZAP Novelas

29 de abril de 2016

Roxana Rotundo, CEO of VIP 2000 TV, announces with enthusiasm, that in the upcoming 2016 LA Screenings, they will be launching a new drama project named ZAP Novelas, to be up to date with the audience’s needs and the new trends of 2016. ZAP Novelas, are literature’s classic stories adapted to modern times and produced in a format of five episodes of one hour. “We think that changes in our industry, have taken us to optimize time of fiction TV shows, and for that we have launched a campaign that represents this: In 1930, radionovelas had up to 300 episodes of 1 hour, then in 1980, telenovelas started to air throughout the world with an average of 120 episodes. In 2012, when digital platforms started to change free TV, super series appear with 60 episodes, and now in 2016, we have made a big jump to five episodes of one hour, because we think that evolution of the digital world needs it,” emphasizes Rotundo. She adds that they want ZAP Novelas to be used by programmers in different ways. It can be the transition between the end of a telenovela and the beginning of another one, or like a weekly telenovela, beginning on Monday and ending on Friday. Rotundo explains that the name ZAP, makes it sound “cool”, how this generation would say. “So this way the TV channel that includes them in their programming, will be a ‘Cool TV channel’, trying to adapt to their way of talking, because, as we all know, they talk with their own codes, they abbreviate everything, it is hard for us to understand them,” jokes Rotundo. “That’s why we are using these concept, we want to capture millennials.” The first ZAP Novelas that is being produced in 4K is {Wuthering Heights;}, then comes Cyrano de Bergerac, The Lady of the Camellias, The Picture of Dorian Grey, The Beauty and the Beast, Otello and The Cellestina. This genre was created with Idea Audiovisual, Tony Rodríguez and Jhonny Pulido’s production company. “We have gathered a group of writers with a new vision, led by César Sierra, our Chief of Writers, who has brought to the present these classics in a very unique way, but always with the touch of romanticism that needs to have. We think it is a product that the whole family will want to watch on their TVs.” The idea is that each country can produce their own ZAP Novelas, “with a very simple co-production deal with us,” Rotundo finalizes.