JC Acosta, president of ViacomCBS International Studios and Networks Americas: VIS is a global content creator

VIS has 60 titles in production and 160 in development
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|09 de junio de 2021

VIS is currently producing about 60 titles in 16 countries and 160 are in development, announced JC Acosta, president of ViacomCBS International Studios and Networks Americas at the opening of the VIS Global screenings. During this event, he presented the new scripted, unscripted and productions for children of his studios.

"VIS is a global content creator,” he pointed out. In the presentation there were outstanding titles in production such as Parot (season 1, 10x60 ') and Stories to Stay Awake (4x50') (Spain); Los Enviados (8x60 ') (Mexico); Gloria Wants to Know it All (season 1, 26x11 ') and Because Victoria season 2 (10x60') (Argentina); Sky and Rising (Israel); Club 57; the movie Kally's Mashup: ¡Un cumpleaños muy Kally!, and Latin Flow (13x30 ') (Colombia); Hunter Street (Netherlands); IB the Dog (seasons 1 and 2, 26x4 ') (Denmark); The Twisted Timeline of Sammy & Raj (India); It’s Pony (seasons 1 and 2, 20x30 ’) and Goldies’s Oldies (season 1, 20x30’) (UK).

Other titles offered during the screening, in scripted: El Día Menos Pensado (season 1, 10x50 '), The Hood (season 1 50x30', season 2 50x30 'and season 3, 48x30') and Pastor (season 1, 10x50 '), produced by Fasten and VIS.

In unscripted My Trip is Better (season 1, 20x30 '), The Great Escape (3x60'), Queen Victoria: Love, Loss, and Leadership (3x60 '), and the mini docuseries Un Sueño Real (4x50').