Rodrigo Mazón: The best way to serve the audience with the best productions is unifying the content and programming strategy

ViX: The growth of streaming depends on investing in content, making it in an easy and in an entertaining way
01 de febrero de 2023

Rodrigo Mazón, Chief Content Officer of ViX, talked about the integration of his position in order to manage both the platform’s AVOD and SVOD parts as a strategy to optimize the business and grow as much as possible. He foresees a greater growth in streaming.

“Despite having launched two different products, ViX and ViX+, which required an individual effort, now that we are within the same application we have realized that the best way to serve the audience with the best productions - free or you pay -, is unifying that content and programming strategy,” he explained.

In terms of content, Mazón highlighted the series Los Artistas, the first by María Dueñas, with whom they have a first window agreement, plus to the premiere of Volver a Caer with Kate del Castle.

Another of their bets is Las Pelotaris in co-production with Mediapro Studios. It's a series set between Spain and Mexico, showing a mix of intrigue and melodrama. He announced that Pinches Momias, a Propagate Fuego production, will premiere in May and will become one of the most ambitious projects "that breaks with the typical genres seen in Latin America and Spanish-speaking countries."

He announced that they will soon add features to the app such as downloading episodes, as well as improvements in recommendations and personalization, which he considered one of the benefits of streaming, a technology that is still in its early stages: "There will be greater growth because audiences are increasingly moving towards these platforms. At the end of the day, it is about investing in the content, making it easy and entertaining so that people return. In our case, one of the competitive advantages we have is soccer, which not only complements our platform, but is also a critical part of the value proposition we have at ViX.”