Panel Advanced Advertising Opportunities for TV Operators of the NEXTV Series South America

VTR Chile: Advanced advertising reaches an audience with greater conversion potential
22 de septiembre de 2021

Juan Palermino, manager of Advertising Sales at VTR Chile Liberty Latin America, an operator that was a pioneer in the region creating a platform with addressable TV between 2017 and 2018, highlighted some of the benefits of his platform: reaching an audience with greater conversion potential for marketers, reduction of waste in advertising investment for agencies and optimization of inventory for operators.

Palermino participated in the panel Advanced Advertising Opportunities for TV Operators of the NEXTV Series South America together with Roberto Poblete, director of Media Consumer & Shopper, Latam South Cone of The Coca-Cola Company; Carlos Martínez Veloso, CEO of GroupM Chile / Chairman of the AAM Chile Board of Directors and Gustavo Bevilacqua Dutra, general manager for South LatAm at SeaChange. The moderator was Juan Pablo Conti from Dataxis.

Poblete pointed out that on the part of the marketer there is a great need to connect with consumers in a relevant way. “There is a very strong demand for evolution in measurement and, even stronger, for attribution. The message we are delivering; to whom we are delivering it. There is a demand to better understand consumers,” he said.

Veloso admitted that advanced advertising has enormous potential and allows TV to participate in more strategic things.

Palermino said that they reach one million homes with addressable TV, "1.6 set-top-boxes per home with the ability to segment advertising." He added that it is important to keep inventory alive. “Operations teams need to have the flexibility to see how much they are going to deliver in inventory. If I am static it is a risk, but if I am alert, both worlds -direct and programmatic sales- can survive in a complementary way,” he highlighted.