Carlos Bardasano of W Studios: El Dragón has a number of complexities that range from the number of locations to the way stories are told

W Studios: El Dragón's our largest production
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|25 de octubre de 2019

The size of the production of El Dragón represents for W Studios the largest undertaken by the company to date.

“This is one of the largest productions that has been made in this field. It has a great number of complexities that range from the number of locations -Japan, Spain, the US, Mexico, the Caribbean- to the way stories are told. Eight out of every 12 episodes we have a whole new set of adventures and new characters. It is the production with the most number of characters we have ever had: more than a thousand. It is a production with very high-quality levels," expresses satisfied Carlos Bardasano, president of W Studios.

He added that in order to find the actor -Sebastián Rulli- who plays the lead role of the story, they did more than 600 castings.

Bardasano also spoke about W Studios´most recent production, Como Tú No Hay Dos.

“We are starting one of the projects that we have become more endeared with, it is a comedy project made for Las Estrellas de Televisa and lead by the comedian Adrián Uribe. We have been figuring out what projects to do with him for a couple of years, and finally, it is this story, whose adaptation is being made by Ximena Suárez. It is the story of two twins separated at birth: one ends up in a rich universe and the other goes to a popular universe with the typical confusions of a comedy. It is a combination of Qué Pobres Tan Ricos, El Premio Mayor with La Usurpadora, a bit of everything in a comedy tone with a super cast," detailed Bardasano.

He also made reference to Rubí, a project from Fábrica de Sueños, in which W Studios is taking part. “It is a story originally written by Yolanda Vargas Dulché, produced a couple of times, once with Valentín Pimstein in 1967 and in 2004 the Güero Castro with Bárbara Mori, and they placed the rod very high for the story to be told again," he expressed

Regarding Camila Sodi, the star of Rubí, he said that she is “one of the best actresses there are in the market and that her level is very, very high”.