Jimmy Arteaga, presidente de Programación, Producción y Promociones de WAPA TV
WAPA TV: Planning better
Marcela Tedesco, Buenos Aires|16 de junio de 2020

WAPA TV Puerto Rico has remained, during all these months of the pandemic, in the position of balancing information, education, and entertainment. The channel created strict protocols that have enabled them to go ahead with their programming: "We had to perform a transformation and have managed to continue with all the production in these three months without any contagions," commented Jimmy Arteaga, president of Programming, Production, and Promotions at WAPA TV.

To date, only one of WAPA´s programs has still not gone back to the air. “Producers cannot be ser reckless because companies are subject to being sued. And beyond protection to the company, there must be a protection to human beings. We are living in moments in which we must go day by day to make decisions. Today, who has more or less rating is secondary, it is about maintaining the quality of the product and the essence of production, that is emotion. This is the challenge," maintained Arteaga, who believes that COVID-19 is the first of many viruses that will appear.

He also commented that content purchase has not ceased. "We cannot stop, we are buying not for today, but for the future. We will have to be more conscientious, plan better, and avoid purchases to block the competition, but what is needed," underlines the executive.

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