Arslanian, Accenture; Pumar, Leader, and Mancuso, Acción Group: Traditional players co-exist with new and more agile participants

We are always out hunting for data
Marcela Tedesco, Buenos Aires|05 de noviembre de 2020

Data availability—with its subsequent analysis and structuring— has opened the possibility of reaching the audience with the right messages and thinking about hyper-personalization.

“The quest for hyper-personalization, for now, is an ambition more than a reality. But the availability of the data that allows knowing people at a deep level and for people to be willing to give us their information is a huge change in paradigm," maintained Ezequiel Arslanian, Managing Director Accenture Interactive for Hispanic South America.

Roberto Pumar, CEO of Leader Entertainment Group, explained: “We are always out hunting for data, trying to interpret what audiences want because today they are more demanding than ever. We have to identify a niche and perfect that coming and going, we are dropping seeds and seeing which ones grow faster and bigger".

In this sense, Pablo Mancuso, president of Acción Group, commented that in the media industry traditional players and newcomers. "Roberto (Pumar) is a good example of a newcomer that is more agile than old companies that bring a big legacy. Disney, for example, has announced that streaming will be one of their most important business focuses, but this is not free, they have to desist from all the licensing they received from their competitors (like, for example, Netflix, who used to buy their content). Changing the strategy of a company is a huge thing”.

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