Fernanda Merodio, president of WICT México

WICT México: The media has the responsibility to build an unbiased image of women
Aliana González, Mexico City|30 de abril de 2019

Fernanda Merodio, president of WICT México, stated that media has a great responsibility in positioning women in a place of greater equity and without biases. “As an industry, we can improve the image of women in Mexico and the region. As more women occupy decision positions and companies achieve to create teams with greater diversity that contribute more points of view, these contents are going to change and the image of women will gradually change," said Merodio.

WICT México, Mujeres en Medios, is an organization whose goal is to finally place women in leadership positions and manage for companies in the media industry to have greater diversity by including women in decision-making positions. This will also render more economic efficiency and better results, as proven by research.

In a year and a half of existence in México, and being the first chapter in Latin America, the organization has held more than 20 activities and has reached more than 350 executives, counting with the support of companies and institutions such as the Mexican Federal Telecommunications Institute, FOX, Discovery, and Hemisphere Media Group, among others.

In April, they launched for the first time the international mentor's program for women member of the WICT, thanks to an alliance with another chapter in the US that will allow participants to count for six months with the advice of experts in topics that contribute to their personal and professional growth.

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