Andrés Rincón: Our main objective is to deliver new content that fills the void in the free streaming entertainment space targeting Latinos

With Target, Lexus, and McDonald's we found unique ways to activate campaigns on Canela.TV
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|19 de mayo de 2021

Canela Media, whose flagship property is the AVOD Canela.TV - with premium Latin content and just one-year-old-, was an integral part of the company's Upfront this Monday, the 17th, offering innovative opportunities for first-launch in the market.

“Beyond OTT, we also have Canela Online with more than 180 exclusive sites that reach more than 22 million unique Hispanics per month in the US,” said Andrés Rincón, Senior VP of Sales at Canela Media. He also announced that they have partnered with brands like Target, Lexus, and McDonald's "to find unique ways to activate campaigns within Canela.TV."

The initiative with Target included offering to Latino audiences in the US for the first time Caracol TV's Colombian series, La Mamá Del 10. "Canela.TV included this production in a special selection of cultural programming in its category Mis Raíces Latinas, which quickly became the most-watched category in Canela.TV," he said.

The partnership with Lexus consisted of premiering a series of feature films celebrating Latinos in Hollywood. “The collaboration promoted Hispanic talent, demonstrated the commitment of Canela.TV and Lexus to provide the Hispanic audience with relevant and high-quality entertainment for free,” he emphasized.

Another activation was made with McDonald's around Valentine's Day called Loves Is In The Air, a channel selected on Canela.TV, full of romance. "Brands are eager to innovatively connect with multicultural audiences in the US in authentic and relevant ways," he noted.

About Canela Originals, which will launch in 2022 with four drama series, Rincón indicated that these series will motivate the next generation of Latinos by telling inspiring stories from "our Latino community and promoting Latino talent."

"Our main objective is to deliver new content that fills the void in the free streaming entertainment space targeting Latinos in the US. Content unmatched in both quality and cultural relevance," he said.

He announced the debut of Canela Music on September 15, kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month. “Desde La Raíz, Con Sazón, Rising notes, and the Timeless artist program are some of the new original titles that will be released at Canela Music.