The panel during the encounter that took place in the context of the Pixelatl Festival

Women in Animation seals alliance with WIA
Miryana Márquez|08 de septiembre de 2020

In the meeting Mujeres en el Presente y Futuro de la Animación of the Pixelatl Festival, that is taking place in Mexico, the representatives of Mujeres en el Mundo de la Animación (MUMA) and Women in Animation (WIA) announced their official alliance, that also includes programs and tutorials.

Margaret Dean, president of WIA together with Alma Canchola, Renata García, and Alejandra Escutia, chaired by Nihurka Zequera, all from MUMA, also spoke about women's role in animation.

Dean commented that they are developing a database for it to be easier to find the talent that companies need. She explained that since 2013, women's participation in this industry grew from 20 to 29% in 2020 and that they expect to reach 50% by 2025.

For her part, Escutia mentioned that in Mexico the animation industry is very young and that 80% of the women who work there are under 34. Additionally, she said that one of the problems is that many of them do not know how to get those jobs after graduating and don't feel sure about applying for a job.

However, she assured that “we are in a great moment for the industry,” because it doesn't matter what country you work from, she furthered.

García pointed out that they are also creating alliances with other associations such as MIA and RAMA. The idea is “to create a better work environment in the industry for everybody”.