Natalie Osma and Juan Rendón, founders of Figmento, a production company based in Los Angeles

Working on contents for the US and LatAm
Aliana González, Mexico City|18 de agosto de 2020

Natalie Osma and Juan Rendón, founders of FIgmento, a production company based in Los Angeles, reported that they make contents aimed at the Anglo and Hispanic markets, and they also work in Latin America. "We have made everything from documentaries in English, El Candidato for Amazon, and Colombia or Latin America in general,” said Juan Rendón, who is a writer, director, and producer.

They mentioned they were working on a comic book in English, that is about to come out. They also work with augmented reality. “The market stopped. However, it is taking off again. We stopped investing in IP, we lowered the rhythm a bit, but started again already," they said.

Natalie Osma, the producer, said that in Los Angeles, the big studios like NBC or CBS are the ones that are producing with measures. "They have always worked with strict rules, even before this. Now, they are looking for ways to separate the crew. Some are placing them in hotels near the studios, and if it is for two months, they cannot go and see their families, because it is the way to have more control over this personnel," he said, after highlighting that they are big studios so it is another level. "Small and independent production companies work more under their own risk".

She also commented that there are resources they are using, such as certain effects, that enable them to work with just one actor and then make a composition. “It is necessary to add an increase of 20 to 30% just to have a team dedicated to cleaning and enforcing protocols".