Charo Toledo
Writer and producer Charo Toledo: In negotiations with Global Genesis Group regarding my original pilot Ghost on the Line
Aliana González, Caracas|08 de octubre de 2015

The Puerto Rican writer and producer Charo Toledo is in a very good moment in her career: she just received the Sentinal Award for episode 209 (Beauty Queens Don´t Wear Trash), which she wrote for the series East Los High, beating series as emblematic as Castle, Forever, The Fosters or Law and Order: SVU, and she is also about to sign with Global Genesis Group to make her series Ghost on the Line (13x60´). "I am super excited. The episode I wrote and which won, belongs to the second season and is broadcast on Hulu. It is about domestic abuse, a very relevant topic. Now we are about to start the second season and we are also in negotiations. And the pilot of an original series also written by me is about to be produced. The way they work is very interesting, for they do it as if it were an independent film: they sell the rights to other countries and then have resources to make the episodes and I remain as executive producer of the show because I am the creator. That the format remains under my control. These are great achievements and I am very happy”, Charo Toledo told PRODU. Toledo, represented by Uno Productions, explains that the story of Ghost on the Line is about a strong Latin woman who is a DEA agent and is devoted to dismantling mafias and cartels. “It is a very complex character, she is addicted to sex and falls in love with the wrong person”, announced Toledo.