The writer Luis Miguel Martínez thinks that it will take the industry some time to recover 100%

Writer Luis Miguel Martinez: Finding windows of opportunity
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|29 de mayo de 2020

The health crisis generated by the coronavirus has forced the Mexican writer and scriptwriter, Luis Miguel Martínez, to reformulate current and future projects. He admits that the juncture affected him directly: a series he was developing for a studio in Germany, in which the story took place between Europe and the US, is suspended due to the difficulties of shooting in current conditions. 

The same occurs with a comedy series in which he was working on and that was rejected by the production company because the production guidelines are changing.

“I think it is very important to continue the course of events to find windows of opportunity and develop new strategies that allow us to adapt and make the most of the situation. There is a lot to be done: create protocols for safety on the sets, integrate new audiovisual technologies, leverage on social networks to generate stories," he comments.

He feels it is the moment to try new things, "It is a huge challenge to find solutions for the problem of physical spaces, although eventually, we can go back to how we did things before the pandemic. It is also possible for certain genres—such as Japanese anime, cartoons, and stories with visual effects—to have a boom. In these cases, it isn´t a problem to shoot in a forum and they cover a lot of topics, ranging from children´s content to more adult topics,” he said.

Martínez thinks that it will take the industry some time to recover 100%.“It will possibly take some time before we see big productions or a large variety of shows," he ended.