Aliana González, moderator, with Rivera, Frejdkes and Clemente: Building strong and authentic female characters is a joint commitment

Writing fiction in pandemic times
Aliana González, Mexico City|23 de julio de 2020

As a writer´s panel entirely composed of women, the audience wanted to know about strong female characters without any biases, and the founder and partner of Punta Fina, Rosa Clemente, said that today, platforms are aware of including realistic, complex, and carefully thought-through.

“From Los Caballeros las Prefieren Brutas we went on to De Brutas Nada, that says a great deal about the times we are living. I think it is a joint effort. Several platforms already have an inclusion and diversity department to keep an eye on the topic" added Clemente.

For her part, Silvina Frejdkes assures that at this point, most have the responsibility to build female characters that measure up to the circumstances, that show and are a reflection of women. "Now, there are many marvelous period stories that reveal complicated situations for women and there are places where they continue to live. We have the responsibility to mark a path in women's rights and I think we are doing it because it is the same audience that embraces those stories," said Frejdkes.

The conversation took place during the PRODU webinar held last Wednesday 15, Escribir Ficción en Tiempos de Pandemia, in which the Mexican writer Carolina Rivera also took part.

Watch PRODU webinar: Writing Fiction in Times of Pandemic