Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube

YouTube: There is an increase in the number of users who watch our platform on TV screens

27 de julio de 2018

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, informed in a statement that in the middle of 2018 YouTube has 1.900 million connected users who reach the platform each month.

“Although mobile technology is one of the most popular ways in which fans enjoy content, increasingly more people use the screens in their living rooms to watch their favorite creators. In average, users now watch more than 180 million hours of YouTube on television screens every day,” informed Wojcicki.

In an update of their five key priorities for 2018, the CEO mentioned: transparency and communication, support for success, more ways to participate, adjustment and compliance with policies, and learning and education.

Regarding the educational area, the executive announced a new initiative. “We have a new project called YouTube Learning, through which we will offer subventions and promotions to support the content of creators focused on education, expert organizations, and students."