Víctor López, general director, Zinkia

Zinkia: We are working on the fifth season of Pocoyó and on two new IPs
27 de julio de 2022

Zinkia is currently working on the fifth season of Pocoyó, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a few minor changes. Víctor López, the general director, said that they hope to have the first part of this new season ready in mid-2023.

"The changes involve the design of all of the main characters, and adding a new one: Pocoyina, Pocoyo's little sister, who I believe will be very funny. And for the first time we're combining live action with animation in five episodes'', explained López during the Kidscreen Summit.

2021 was Pocoyo's best year in sales, López said. "This was due to the agreements with HBO, HBO Max, and Cartoon Network both in the US and in Latin America." In addition to Disney + in Europe, Netflix, and TV Azteca, among others. "In the American continent, what works best, both in economic and in the audience, are our largest channel partners located in Mexico and Brazil, and then in the US."

These regions are where it is growing the most, including in social networks, "because the audience response occurs in many areas". Likewise, they are working on educational content with a British university, adapting the way of teaching through Pocoyo as a brand with that academic institution; they hope to announce this at the end of this year. All this without discarding video games, everything regarding digital and licenses.

Pocoyó has tripled on YouTube in three years. The pandemic has helped us a lot, but after confinement, it has continued to grow,” said López.

Zinkia presented at Kidscreen its new animated series Yanco, Dina y Los Dinosaurios (52x7'). The company also is working on the two IPs of the animation studio Koyi, which they acquired in 2021: Bumpy (co-produced by TVE) and Ghost Bros.