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Marcos Pérez, CEO and general manager of ¡HOLA! TV

¡HOLA! TV: Analyzing alternatives to drive new original productions

16 de julio de 2019

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

¡HOLA! TV is evaluating several options to increase the original production of the signal that is produced from Miami.

“We are analyzing new projects for the second half of the year. We want to give new original production a boost and are evaluating different alternatives,” expressed Marcos Pérez, CEO and General Manager of the channel.

Pérez highlighted that for new seasons of Las Reinas del Shopping and Crónicas de ¡HOLA! are coming for September-October. Additionally, in May they launched the half-hour royalty newscast, Coronas y Palacios.

The executive highlighted that the Mexican market is where they now have greater development and that they continue to be focused on US Hispanic. ¡HOLA! TV exceeds 22 million subscribers in Latin America, whereas in US Hispanic they have two million. “The most relevant thing has been the agreement with Verizon FiOS the first week of May in US Hispanic. We hope it contributes new viewers and to continue growing, as well as soon incorporating new operators,” he emphasized.

When consulted on advertising sales, Pérez mentioned they are very satisfied with their performance. “Interannual growth is very good and we continue incorporating new clients, we have traditional clients and clients who bet on TV for the first time. We offer them organic integration solutions, the opportunity to partner with the content in a natural and original way,” and added that in March, Isabel Morera joined the channel to lead sales.

16 de julio de 2019