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Fer Rovzar, director and producer of Lemon Studios

Lemon Studios: Films and cinema tell stories whereas series develop characters

23 de agosto de 2019

Fer Rovzar, director and producer of Lemon Studios, said on #VisitaPRODU that he is passionate about audiovisual content and mentioned the difference between a film and a series, saying that in a film a story is told, taking care of the details shot by shot, while a series, a character is developed, the kind that becomes memorable for the audience. 

The executive mentioned that cinema in Mexico is in its best moment since the golden age of 1950. “In the year 2000, seven films were made in the country, this year they are making 180. We still don´t have the quality there was in those years, we still have a long way to go, but we are on the right track to achieve it."

Regarding the importance of the director, he emphasized that he must know about acting and know all the aspects of production, revealing that this is the area he is more passionate about, despite being afraid of it for a while, but thanks to his work in Sr. Ávila (HBO), he overcame it, since he felt he acquired the knowledge to be able to make mistakes, to own the risk.

Currently, he points out, they are developing a project on the Azteca Empire, “from a totally different point of view, that does not take into account the Spaniards nor the conquest, it is a very profound gaze at this amazing Empire that I think we should rescue in Mexico, see that part of our history, without the blood, the genocide, without the conquest."

He ended mentioning the launch of the film Mentada de Padre, that will be available throughout the entire country. Having distributed more than 1.300 copies, it is the biggest and most ambitious project of the three companies involved in the production, Traziende, Alazraki, and Lemon.


23 de agosto de 2019