Mi Fortuna es Amarte (86x60´) is starred by Susana González and David Zepeda

Televisa: Mi Fortuna es Amarte, which premieres on Monday the 8th, is a tribute to marginal neighborhoods
Aliana González, Mexico City|05 de noviembre de 2021

Nicandro Díaz, the producer of Mi Fortuna es Amarte (86x60´), said that this telenovela is a tribute to the marginal neighborhoods, its scents, flavors, colors, and solidarity that takes place in popular environments in the face of complex situations. It will be on Monday, November 8 at 8:30 pm in Las Estrellas.

“It is a product that addresses the poor population because these marginal neighborhoods can be found in all the big cities. It also rescues values, such as family, friendship and hope in the face of complex moments, but above all, love as an ingredient that (together with hatred) moves the world,” said Díaz, after commenting that an effort was made to capture how they speak and act in these areas. To portray this environment, it was filmed in Pilares and the Obrera neighborhood of Mexico City.

Mi Fortuna es Amarte is the story about Natalia (Susana González), a woman who is betrayed by her husband with her best friend —both escape together on Natalia’s twentieth wedding anniversary, leaving her in poverty—, and Chente (David Zepeda), a man from the slums who suffers a tragic event. The story of Natalia and Chente is scared by misfortunes, but their lives take an unexpected turn and their worlds end up entwining. Together they will discover that, even in the worst misfortune, love can emerge.

It is a classic melodrama with a cast part of the identity of Televisa. It is the remake of Te Quiero a Morir, an original story by Luis Felipe Salamanca, screenplay by Juan Carlos Alcalá and co-adapted by Alejandra Díaz and José Rubén Núñez. Alejandro Gamboa and Isaías Gómez are responsible for the stage direction, with Ernesto Arreola and Alejandro Frutos as camera directors. It was developed with two production units and the filming will end in January.

To adapt it for Mexico it was necessary to lower the sensual tone of the Colombian novel, since they are different audiences, and the Mexicans are more reserved in this type of situation.

A part of it will be recorded in the Caribbean and another on the Pacific side, but Díaz did not want to reveal the exact locations. Most of the production is taking place in Mexico City.

He hopes the audience will like it, although he acknowledged that the premiere takes place at a difficult time, as it is the pre-Christmas season.

The cast also includes Chantal Andere, Sergio Sendel, Carmen Salinas, Omar Fierro, Luis Felipe Tovar, Carlos de la Mota, Michelle González, Ana Bertha Espín, Lisset, Luz Elena González, Michelle Vieth and Adriana Fonseca, among others.