Edgardo “Eggie” Allende has participated in over 5,000 productions worldwide during his 30-year career in the music industry

360 Worldwide Entertainment: The current trend is to offer the audience immersive experiences
Maribel Ramos-Weiner |03 de junio de 2022

Edgardo “Eggie” Allende, Production VP at 360 Worldwide Entertainment and president and CEO of Anchor Worldwide Productions, has participated in over 5,000 productions worldwide during his 30-year career in the music industry.

His most recent project includes the First Festival of Latin Music in Las Vegas-Vegas Latin Summer Beach Fest: Caribbean Edition- made up of nine thematic concerts, in editions of three consecutive days that take the audience to Cuban islands (celebrated between April 15 and 17), Dominican Republic (from May 20 to 22), and Puerto Rico (from June 17 to 19). Additionally, it includes the Vegas Latin Summer Fest (July 16).

“We are seeing this project as a residence. It is a Caribbean experience in the area of Las Vegas. We are using elements such as mapping on the pool of the Mandalay Bay, which is 200 to 300 feet wide; with 14 video projectors with 32,000 lumen each, which allows all the images together to be seen as a single one. The image we are creating is allusive to the Caribbean. With Cuba, we had a section dedicated to Celia Cruz and her music. With all the things we gave to the audience from it entered the place until it left, we managed to give them an immersive experience" expressed Allende.

He added that the production of these festivals does not skimp on offering a total immersion experience. "It has been very powerful to work again with a team that encourages me to take creative risks" he furthered.

He also mentioned that future plans are to take the event to streaming and digital platforms.

“We are trying to achieve this. We are in conversations with our partner in the event, MGM. We are finishing the details with them. Seeing the audiences' reaction and how they received it, this possibility was opened" he explained.

Allende commented that they are also working on incorporating more sponsoring brands in the events. He said that one of the advertisers was La Bonita Supermarket.

When consulted on the trends in the production of music and entertainment events, he highlighted connectedness with the audience. "Everybody wants to offer, more than an annual concert, an experience to the audience, since it arrives until it leaves. The audience is seeking that immersive experience. We are seeing it in concerts and tours such as Maluma's, which was a 360-degree event, or the presentation of Karol G in Coachella” he explained.

Among the learnings obtained by Allende in his 30 years of career, where he has worked with artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer López, Wisin y Yandel, Carlos Vives, Maluma, and CNCO, he mentions being authentic., “not being a copy of others”, and discipline. “You have to study. You can't see things and say that you want to do that same thing. You have to study to be able to innovate. You have to be one step ahead in terms of technology. Technology is the best tool for goals to be fulfilled" he said.