The actress Lupita Ferrer

Actress Lupita Ferrer: I would love a biopic based on my biography just published on Amazon
Aliana González, Mexico City|10 de agosto de 2022

The actress Lupita Ferrer is back in the industry after, due to the pandemic and the convalescence and death of her mother, she was forced to step aside from the screens and stages. However, she took that time to write and publish her biography, "Lupita Ferrer al Desnudo", which she considers material for a bioseries.

“I am probably the last survivor of that golden era that was the Venezuelan telenovela,” she said. Ferrer would love to see her book recreated on a platform, being part of its development, since it is about her life. “Obviously, giving creative freedom to whoever takes on the project”.

Currently, she is part of the cast of Amores Que Engañan, a Lifetime production, in which she plays the mother of an abused young woman. She announced that she will probably be working on the second season.

“I was 15 years old, very young when I began my career, so if the bioseries is carried out, several actresses will be necessary to play my role at different ages. I would not refuse if I was asked to work near the last chapters,” she confessed.

Ferrer, a telenovela icon, began her career at the end of 1960, with very successful productions such as Esmeralda, beside the actor José Bardina. In the eighties, she became popular in telenovelas such as Cristal, Rosalinda and Soledad. She points out that she experienced the evolution of the telenovela.

She does not understand the rise of Turkish drama in Latin America. “The only explanation is that it does not have competition. Because the conflicts and situations it shows, in addition to a very macho behavior, have little to do with our culture and with the demands of audiovisual productions nowadays."

According to Ferrer, series are the evolution of telenovelas, more updated and modern format, and a theme that connects with the epic. As an example, she highlighted Pálpitoby Leonardo Padrón on Netflix. "The series can be short or long, but it must be enclosed in current problems," she said.

Her managers are in conversations with some screens regarding a biopic based on her biography. “I would love it if it could be produced in Mexico, a country that I love so much and so related to the part of my career,” she said. In Mexico, she participated in film productions. She also worked in Hollywood, in films such as Los Hijos de Sánchez (The Children of Sánchez), along with Anthony Quinn, Dolores del Río and Lucía Méndez.

The writer of her biography is Mauricio Montalvo, who also wrote the biography of Don Francisco. The book can be purchased on Amazon.