Adrián Santucho, EVP at Univision Studios and Special Events at Univision

Adrián Santucho from Univision Studios: This year we will work around regional Mexican music

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|23 de febrero de 2017

Dale Replay with Carlos Calderón completes the family game shows bet for the Monday to Friday 8pm schedule on Univision. The show, that had its debut last Friday February 17, is based on FremantleMedia´s European Telly Test.

“It is an entertaining show that is going to be made with the people, to have them watch viral videos. It is a fresh and entertaining proposal that completes the 8pm slot during the week,” expressed Adrián Santucho, EVP at Univision Studios and Special Events at Univision.

Francisca Lachapel and Alessandra Villegas participate together with Calderón.

He mentioned that this year they are going to make more game shows.

For April, when the season of Pequeños Gigantes USA ends, Univision will launch La Reina de la Canción in its place. “It is an original franchise, from the house, a very genuine competition reality. It has to do with regional Mexican music”. He mentioned that Alejandra Espinoza will be the host and that this program marks the return of Lucero to reality. Santucho estimates the show will have 36 to 40 episodes. It will be produced mostly in Los Angeles and some parts in Miami. “It will have a flavor of the west coast from the beginning. This year, we want to work on regional Mexican music.”

He added that they are incubating two or three additional projects that have to do with game shows and realities. “The three productions we have in development require a great deal of work,” he said.