Adsmovil Win in the Reed Awards with New Latino Voice Poll 2020

02 de marzo de 2020

Adsmovil won the Reed Awards, in the category Best Use of Mobile Technology with the case New Latino Voice Poll 2020, a study that aims to measure the voting intention of Hispanics in the U.S. using the technology and capabilities of mobile advertising.

“The US Hispanic population is very diverse—years-in-country, age, country of origin, language preference and family- makeup differences can change one’s behaviors. That is why it was essential for us to measure and compare the different responses of Hispanic Mexican versus Hispanic Venezuelan people, Hispanic in Florida versus Hispanic in New York, Spanish dominant vs English dominant and many others classifications. This diversity in audiences and accuracy was achieved by applying different algorithms in our mobile inventory with Hispanic content", mentioned Adriana Daantje, Head of US Product and Operation at Adsmovil.

The study was conducted in collaboration with Eduardo A. Gamarra, professor at the University of Florida and founder of the consultancy ICR, which specializes in communication, research and political campaign strategy in the U.S. Hispanic market.

“The polling data found that the main problems affecting Hispanics are access to health care, jobs, and immigration. In Florida, while Hispanics worry about immigration, they are more concerned with language and gun violence. President Trump's approval rating was also found to be low with 63% of Hispanics disapproving of how he has performed the job as president" said Professor Eduardo Gamarra.