Indira Páez, a Venezuelan writer, feels that there is still room for different types of stories and production model

Adversity is an accomplice in creative processes
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|31 de julio de 2020

Indira Páez, Venezuelan writer and Regional VP Content Development for Latin America and US Hispanic at Sony Pictures Television (SPT), feels that there is still room for different types of stories and production models.“Obviously there are protocols that change the path of contents, but with a creative camera direction, agile edition, and leading post-production, storytelling is enriched," she expressed.

According to the writer, “in solitude, in that state that is near to hibernation, you can find the best ideas" and adversity is an accomplice in creative processes.

Páez believes that the trend will be towards more ‘escapist´ contents. "Stories that move us away from reality: comedies, romance, dramedies... contents that reconcile us with life, that have hopeful endings, and include the appearance of new heroes. We will see a reinvention of dramatic arenas and approaches to stories, as well as a return to classic melodrama. We will need a break as mankind. The most unforgettable comedians have emerged precisely in historical moments of crisis and unrest. Chaplin is the great heritage of the crack of the Stock Exchange in 1929, for example. And today, we are living

In her opinion, the presence of women in the industry is essential. "Not only in script development but in all the aspects of production. I dream of watching more women in executive positions, directors, producers, post-producers, sound... women in front and behind cameras. I think the female vision in each one of the development aspects is necessary to have a natural evolution in the story.