Álex Agrasánchez, president of Movie Mex International and executive producer

Álex Agrasánchez from Make Love Great Again: We began to make the film and had no idea that HBO would be interested in it
14 de mayo de 2019

In 2016 the film Make Love Great Again began shooting. It is a romantic comedy that surrounds the topic of Latina immigration in the US in times of Donal Trump.

“We began making the film before the elections and we took a risk. We had no idea that HBO Latino would interested in it when we presented it in the New York Film Festival, nor that Donald Trump was going to win. That is why, after editing it, we gathered the actors for two new scenes and made it very current,” recalls Álex Agrasánchez, president of Movie Mex International and Executive Producer.

With the film May 10 at 8pm was launched on HBO Latino in the US, Aaron Agrasánchez as director and Álex Agrasánchez as Executive Producer in partnership with Eduardo Prado, assumed a risk to make the most of the timing for the exhibition of a love story intersected by the twists and turns that immigrants undergo in their attempt to live legally in the US, a path that has turned more uphill with the arrival of Trump to the White House, whom they borrow the campaign slogan from to make a allusion to in the title of the film.

“It feels very good, after a great deal of patience and effort, to have the debut. We had the money for the film and people think that is the hardest part, but we had no idea what was going to happen with distribution. This gives us the drive to continue pursuing other projects," adds Aaron Agrasánchez, who is directing his first feature film, written by Shane Kinsler and Tom Musca.

After a tour through several festivals and acknowledgements such as the Judges Pick Award at the Catalina Film Festival, HBO Latino has the exclusive film rights for a year and a half, but the producers expect to close deals on other networks in the US and in Central America.

The film is spoken in English and has lines in Spanish with subtitles. A crossover casting, conducted between Miami and Los Angeles, was key for the quality of the film, mentioned the Associate Producer Eduardo Prado, with vast experience in theater and who is now venturing into cinema. The cast includes celebrities such as Chris Mulkey (Captain Phillips and Whiplash), Jeimy Osorio, Eduardo Yáñez and Jason Canela.

The creative and production trio is strengthened after this film and is preparing for more projects. Aaron is finishing writing a script with Tom Musca, “an elegant comedy with European style” and Eduardo Prado has several projects for television series which they will reveal later.

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