MasterChef República Dominicana (20x120’)

Alton River: Success of MasterChef RD generates a rebirth in production of big formats in the island
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|25 de julio de 2019

Dominican Republic is experiencing a rebirth in the production of high-caliber formats, as proven in MasterChef República Dominicana (20x120’) by Endemol, produced by Flycontent and Alton River, whose second season is aired on Telesistemas (channel 11) Sundays from 7 to 9pm with outstanding ratings.

Carlos Cerutti, general director of Alton River and Production director of MasterChef República Dominicana, commented that before the success of the first edition of the format, Dominican TV was not characterized by making shows from big franchises and now several are coming: MasterChef Celebrity, MasterChef Junior and others such as Got Talent Dominicana and La Voz, to mention a few.

“We are always in the first place in ratings. Our direct competition is Telemicro with films. I assure you that thanks to this success the format has had, other great shows are coming," expressed Cerutti who says it took about two years to convince sponsors that MasterChef would be produced on the island. MasterChef RD has 20 fixed sponsors.

It is necessary to add that shows like Expedición Robinson and Exatlon have been made in Dominican Republic, which means there is a good experience in the production of realities.

Cerutti added that for MasterChef, which is produced 100% independently, they created a 14 thousand square foot studio, equipped with online technology, 12 cameras, in which they estimate to make other projects such as Nuestra Belleza Latina Dominicana in 2020, a franchise they obtained from Univision and La Guerra de los Sexos, in partnership with Daniel Sarcos, who is negotiating the rights of the format with Venevisión.

On Sunday, July 14, MasterChef on Telesistemas registered a 23.34% share vs Tele Centro´s 13.51% that aired a film, according to AGB.