Andrew Herrera from Remezcla: Let´s raise culture and create a new episode for the Hispanic market
Manuela Walfenzao/ Chicago|12 de junio de 2017

The CEO of Remezcla, Andrew Herrera, gave a conference on culture and content at AHAA. Ten years ago, he began his project without any financing. We are a cultural organization, we seek to change the way the world conceives Latin culture and our main audience is the millennial generation” he said. “Culture is the first thing for developing content aimed at this new generation”.
He highlighted that this is a group that wants to be seen as heroes and they look for contents on networks that prove that. They are a generation that wants to talk to people they know and trust in, but today media and brands do not have their trust. Remezcla is here to stop the madness and the corniness, “we can all see what brands do that isn´t authentic” he pointed out.

They offer media, marketing and video services. They reach 6 million unique users, 50 million per month, and 90% of their audience is from the US. “The truth is that it is a new market, it has new rules, even though those rules don’t yet exist”.

According to Herrera, cultural stereotypes that used to exist in media are being destroyed. There is a revolution going on, Latinos are the youngest and newest in the country and it is an increasingly complex group. Let’s start raising culture and creating a new episode for Hispanic marketing. The best stories come from what you know and care about, that is why we make inspiring stories”.