Fernando Barbosa from Disney: We will be doing about 130 series for Disney + and STAR + in the next two years in LatAm

Any platform without local production is doomed
05 de enero de 2021

After 23 years in Disney Latin America, Fernando Barbosa participated in #PRODUprimetime with Ríchard Izarra wearing proudly the company's shirt, convinced that local production is essential for the success of any platform, and straightforward gave credit to those who deserved it.

He described his boss, Diego Lerner, as the pioneer of the direct-to-consumer business within the company during his tenure as president for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and of launching Disney Life in the United Kingdom, the first direct service- Disney's consumer, a concept that has now become the company's main strategy in the world.

"Definitely Diego Lerner was who drew the path to the direct-to-consumer business, that's why he is so motivated because he was one of the true believers within the company that was the future,” he said.

He credited Netflix for going beyond the boundaries of language: “Thanks to Netflix, the language barrier no longer exists.”

Regarding the pandemic, he said that the planet needed a reset, it was a wakeup call to love it and protect it more.

“I think changes have not stopped: things that we still do not imagine will continue to happen and this means learning and awareness for all of us.”

He affirmed that any Latin American platform without local production will not be competing. "It's doomed." He indicated that in the next two years Disney would do about 130 series in the region for Disney + and for the new Star +.

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