Verónica Velasco, general director of Original Content and Production at Argos Comunicació

Argos: In Argos Contenido Original we are making four series in 2018

05 de junio de 2018

Verónica Velasco, general director of Original Content and Production at Argos Comunicación, stated that in 2018 they are making four original series, as well as the second part of Ingobernable. This, aside from the productions they are making with Telemundo. 

“We are developing three series at the same time and they are all in different pre-production and production stages, in an escalated manner, to complete four series this year,” she explained, as the person responsible for looking for topics for Argo's stories.

Regarding the productions –some of which are aimed at platforms— she mentioned that they cannot be pigeonholed into a specific genre. “They have everything, from the psychological, police, drama, comedy genres. We try to do a combination of genres because we feel it connects us with many more people. There is everything, like in real life,” she stated.

Velasco explained the method she uses to identify topics that could be relevant for the audience and that stem from consulting the press, essays, literature, conversations with people, and being attentive to what occurs in reality.

“The most important task is to generate stories that are current, that depict the moment we are going through and for us to be a vehicle to help people understand the reality we are living,” she stated.

Verónica Velasco is the founder of Argos Comunicación together with her husband, Epigmenio Ibarra. As a journalist, she recalls that Argos was born from the production of news, therefore it is natural for the fiction they make nowadays to have its point of departure in facts that occur.