Adrián Ortega, VP of Azteca Siete and Acquisitions at TV Azteca

Azteca Siete: Our focus is the diversification of the channel maintaining our tone

08 de marzo de 2019

Adrián Ortega, VP of Azteca Siete and Acquisitions at TV Azteca, assured that Azteca Siete´s programming strategy is the one announced a few months ago by Alberto Ciurana, general director, Content and Distribution at TV Azteca: premium fiction, extreme realities sports. “We have a fun, dynamic and familiar channel, it is a perfect combination to have a great primetime for the Mexican family,” stated Ortega.

Resistiré, the survival reality made in alliance with Viacom International Studios (VIS) and Mega in Chile--inspired on the original MTV format Stranded With a Million Dollars--is aligned with this profile. Ortega assured that Resistiré contributes to the screen of Azteca Siete: "We are a channel that dares, we owe that to the audience. Let us bear in mind that we are the creators in Mexico of formats like La Isla or Exatlón, whose first season was aired on Azteca Siete. Now we are happy to have signed this agreement with two titans that are MTV and Mega, these are companies that transcend, they are creative".

Ortega explained that the goal with their programming strategy is to be at the forefront to deliver quality content to the audience. The third season of Rosario Tijeras is part of what is coming in the premium fiction area, along with all the rights to the fights of Saúl "Canelo" Álvarez, the Gold Cup, the America Cup, games of the Chivas and stellar cinema, among other bets: “Our focus is the diversification of the channel, respecting the tone we have".

Regarding Rosario Tijeras 3, he mentioned they still don´t have a release date, but he announced that the story will have important shifts and will continue surprising and improving in terms of production quality.