Sandra Smester

Azteca Uno: My challenge is to produce twelve hours of live content for this signal
18 de enero de 2018

Three months after her arrival in Mexico to lead TV Azteca´s signal Azteca Uno, Sandra Smester includes in her objectives, producing around 12 daily hours of live content for the channel. She mentioned the upcoming launch of María Magdalena, the second season of Rosario Tijeras and the debut of her original telenovela Educando a Nina, as well as the universal Mexican reality show with Lupita Jones and the possibility of producing La Academia.

“In TV Azteca I saw a growth opportunity doing what I like the most that is TV and live contents. I like the audience to feel respected and loved, and that is why I am bringing a strong strategy in which the challenge is to produce from 6am to 7:30pm live. For the time being, we have several upcoming launches, like the series Rosario Tijeras second season for the second semester of the year, as well as Maria Magdalena, produced by Dopamine and the telenovela made at home Educando A Nina with Cynthia Rodriguez as the lead star, which will be on the air in the spring in the 8:30pm Schedule,” she commented.

She mentioned that Tres Familias will extend to the second season. She announced that they are already working with the former Mexican Miss Universe Lupita Jones in the Mexican universal reality, as well as the return of MasterChef, without neglecting the options of taking MasterChef Jr. and MasterChef VIP to the screen. Additionally, they have the proposal to resume the project La Academia.