Luis Arvizu, CEO from Blim TV: Prende, Blim TV, and VIX, will become a single platform next year

Blim TV: The three platforms we have will be unified in a single one in 2022
Aliana González, Mexico City|27 de octubre de 2021

The three platforms of the Televisa Univision brand, which are Blim TV, Prende, and VIX, will become a single platform next year, said Luis Arvizu, CEO from Blim TV, during the panel La Reinvention of Open TV in Mexico, held during the last day of Nextv Series Mexico.

He explained they are thoroughly reviewing what the business model will look like while testing, and that they are going to have digital-only content to put behind the paywall (SVOD), while the bookstore is in front of the paywall (AVOD). “We want to see how the audience behaves between now and the end of the year, so we can see the model we will work with when we have a single platform” he detailed because there are many possible combinations.

An example of exclusive content is the animated movie Coati, which had a red carpet last week in Miami and was released in theaters in the US but will soon be on blim under the SVOD modality.

Additionally, Arvizu commented that they are working on a unique identifier that will allow them to know, within the digital product ecosystem they have, what person is behind each screen, as well as identify if it is the same one on different devices. This way, they know what their true audience is like.

“We have an ecosystem in which there are dozens of sites, applications, social platforms, and streaming services. In the past, the digital theme was marketed with a scheme similar to that of open television. They would tell us: I want to have the program La Desalmada or 40 y 20, for example. The thing is that the buyer was the same one who bought open TV and watched it as an extension of the audience that buys for television" he said.

He commented that the money in digital advertising is not necessarily in a program, but in the audiences, and to sell by audiences, they created the unique identifier, still in development.

This way, the advertiser can buy from the audience that wants to buy insurance, or from the one that needs a credit card, for example. The unique identifier, in addition to segmenting audiences, helps to know their size and reach, which helps advertisers understand and improve the performance of their digital investment.

“The next challenge we have is to put together the linear part, and how we can really identify that there is a person who is the same when you talk on the digital or linear platform or are real audience extensions that are the ones you have, it is work that we are in the beginning, to see how we achieve it” he furthered.