Sergi Reitg, from Sony Music Spain, Leonardo Zimbrón, from Endemol Shine Boomdog, and Oriol Uría, from BTF Media Spain

BTF Media: There is excellent chemistry between Joaquín Sabina and the development team of the series
05 de febrero de 2019

Together with three production companies, Sony Music, BTF Media Spain, and Endemol Shine Boomdog, the series about Joaquín Sabina is in research and development, with interviews in which the renowned director and friend of Sabina, Fernando León de Aranoa is participating as the author of the documentary. The Spanish scriptwriter Manuel Ríos is also taking part in this phase of the project.

“I was lucky to contact Joaquín, raise the idea and, together with BTF, develop a very strong project, that Joaquín loved,” said Sergi Reitg, Content Director at Sony Music Spain, who highlighted that good chemistry has developed between Sabina and the companies that are collaborating on the project: BTF Media and Endemol Shine Boomdog. Additionally, Reposado Producciones is participating in the documentary.

Oriol Uría, CEO of BTF Media Spain, expressed his enthusiasm over conveying Sabina´s life, which is dense, intense and spectacular. “We are in the research phase, together with Sabina himself, who has opened the doors of his house to us,” he said, after mentioning that the singer talks about love, lovelessness, how he found inspiration in his evenings in Madrid, how he played around a bit with drugs and what they meant in his life, among many other topics.

For his part, Leonardo Zimbrón, Head of Fiction Programming at Endemol Shine Boomdog, admits he is a fan of the singer and states that “it is a life worth telling”, after commenting that the development process must take the necessary time.

The series will be made mainly in Spain, but it will also have locations in Mexico, Argentina, and Cuba because Latin America has been relevant for Joaquín Sabina.