Sergi Mass, owner, and CEO of Cadena H

Cadena H will launch three live programs
Aliana González, Mexico City|03 de abril de 2020

Sergi Mass, owner, and CEO of Cadena H commented that since phase one of the coronavirus pandemic began in Mexico, they made radical changes in the programming both of the cable channel and on the radio. "In phase two, production has been increased from homes," he mentioned, after saying that foreseeing what was coming, they shot many of the programs to be aired during phase one, but they were exhausted last week.

"Therefore, this week that is starting we have no recorded programs, mainly the ones made in forums because they are closed," he commented.
This week they will launch three live programs also made at home: Pipirisnais with Daniela Carvallo, a morning magazine, and En Forma y Color, an evening program with the summary of all the information on the pandemic, hosted by Bernardo Lartigue, one of the partners and host of Cadena H. In the homes of Carvallo and Lartigue a broadcasting system was installed so that it could be aired live. Additionally, they will also make live 8-to-12-minute capsules called Cuarentones en Cuarentena on how to live the quarantine and remain in touch interactively with followers.

They have fine-tuned processes so that the different hosts send their material under previously agreed parameters. On the radio they have also adjusted their processes and technology to be able to record the programs from people´s homes and send them to the main cabin for broadcasting.