Mayolo Reyes, Strategy and Development director of the channel

Canal Once: In 2017 we will try to consolidate the grid with 60% of our own production and 40% acquisitions
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|15 de diciembre de 2016

Canal Once will continue boosting local production in Mexico, in the aim to sustain the grid with 60% of their own content and 40% of purchased content, as expressed by Mayolo Reyes, Strategy and Development director of the channel, who added that in 2017 the series Paramédicos from Lemon Estudios and Yo Soy Yo, will return in co-production with the institute Conapred.

“Our bet for 2017 is comprised by contents that will give continuity to our social work, with programs like Juicios Orales, that make known the new criminal justice system through recreations; and also Voces de la Constitución, celebrating the first centennial in 2017. Additionally, we are including bets on gastronomy, art and travels, understanding that we must innovate and renew ourselves as a channel. We want to keep the proportion of 60% original productions and 40% acquisitions,” he said.

Regarding fiction and the possible return of the series Soy Tu Fan, co-production of Canal Once with Canana by Diego Luna and Gael García from 2010, Reyes assured they are in conversations to manage to do this, since it “was very important for us and for the audience, who are asking us for a third season. We realize the value of having our own contents, like XY or Bienes Raíces, which, despite being in repetition, continue to be successful.”

Finally, he highlighted that they are already working on agreements with Netflix to place contents, and on the goal of growing the signal in Mexico and internationally, through negotiations with different distributors.