Carlos Bardasano, producer at W Studios and of Pienso en Ti for TelevisaUnivision

Carlos Bardasano of W Studios: Pienso En Ti is one of my favorite productions in recent years
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|10 de marzo de 2023

Starring Dulce María and David Zepeda, TelevisaUnivision presented its new telenovela Pienso En Ti, premiering on Monday the 13th at 8:30pm by Las Estrellas. It’s a W Studios production led by Carlos Bardasano, who said that it is one of his favorite contents of the company's catalog.

"Ximena Suárez came up with this great idea and we’re privileged to have David Zepeda and Dulce María, who after many years trying to convince her to work with us, finally did thanks to this great story; for me, it is a dream come true. It is a very special project because it was difficult to put all these elements together, but taking out the production, and the scripts, and seeing it as a product, is one of my favorites that we have done in recent years. It's a great story that we had to tell," Bardasano said.

He highlighted that Pienso en Ti has 75 episodes that were recorded during 20 weeks in 70% of locations in Mexico City and the rest in forums. The photography is of Nacho González and Luis García, and the direction of Luis Manzo and Carlos Santo.

The cast of Pienso de Ti also includes performances by Alexis Ayala, Lorena Graniewicz, Eugenia Cauduro, José Elías Moreno, Brandon Peniche, Jessica Díaz, Yolanda Ventura, Henry Zakka, María Fernanda García, Paola Toyos, Claudia Silva, Federico Ayos, Ramiro Tomasini, Ariana Saavedra, José Luis Badalt, Julia Argüelles, Edward Castillo and Sebastián Poza, among others.

Created by Ximena Suárez, it‘s about the life of Emilia (Dulce María), a woman who goes against her mother’s desires and will face everything and everyone to fulfill her dream of succeeding as a singer. Emilia will meet Ángel (David Zepeda) and both will give each other the life boost they need.

Bardasano said that this story was difficult to develop; however, "What characterizes W Studios is that we don't go for easy, but try to look for ways to get entangled, but we are fortunate to rely on a company like TelevisaUnivision, with great linear windows like Las Estrellas in Mexico and Univision in the US, which allows us to dream big. While ViX is a window that gives us the opportunity to do things that are not easy. I can only be grateful to TelevisaUnivision for giving us so many opportunities to dream big."

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