The co-production between Claro video and Sony Pictures Television is shot in Mexico and Colombia

Claro video: With the arrival of El Rey del Valle 2 we hope to repeat the success of the first one
03 de mayo de 2019

Claro video presents the second season of its original series El Rey del Valle (13x44´), directed by Rodrigo Ugalde and starring Osvaldo Benavides, Paulina Gaitán, Daniel Tovar and Biassini Segura. It will be available as of Thursday April 25 on the Claro Video platform.

The co-production between Claro video and Sony Pictures Television is a comedy that revolves around the complex world of the mafia, shot in Mexico and Colombia. This second season will be focused on Colombia, where the main characters move in the aim to set up a new business, but at the same time, will be forced to work as police informers to locate the most wanted drug dealer of that country.

“A new season of El Rey del Valle is here and for Claro video to venture into the genre of comedy with such a complex topic has been an opportunity to show our capability to generate new contents with a story that, of course, reveals that not always the easiest things are the best," expressed Alberto Islas, general director of Claro video. “We hope to repeat the success of the first season”.

“It is a pleasure for us to continue this relationship with Claro video and get together to generate innovative content, a comedy that will undoubtedly continue to entertain the Latin American audience, and specially our youngsters,” commented Ana Bond, SVP and general director of International Production for Latin America Latina and US Hispanic at Sony Pictures Television.

The cast of tjhe series is complemented with the participation of Eduardo Victoria, Alfredo Huereca, Lorena Meritano, Samadhi Zendejas, Laura Perico and Emilia Ceballos. The series is written by Juan Camilo Ferrand.