CNN: Creating audio content that sounds different
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|13 de agosto de 2020

With the podcast strategy, CNN has always had the goal of reaching listeners that are not the existing TV viewers or readers of the brand. "We are creating podcasts for this ideal user and maintaining the protection of creating audio content that looks and sounds different," comments a spokesperson of CNN Audio, a unit launched last year to make all the audio content, including podcasts, showcasts and special series for CNN Worldwide.

Although they did not reveal tune-in statistics, they mentioned that CNN en Español´s newest podcasts -including Coronavirus: Realidad vs. Ficción con Dr. Elmer Huerta- has resonated very well with the audience.

“Podcasting is an excellent example of how we are using our audio team as part of CNN en Español´s comprehensive programming and content strategy. There is a huge appetite for a vast variety of news resources at the moment, and we are making sure to deliver that information to our audience in a way that it adapts to the numerous ways in which they consume their news," expressed CNN Audio.

All the podcasts are compatible with the network of CNN Audio and WarnerMedia advertising partners.

CNN Audio is focused on developing a new list of podcasts and audio products that are focused on is serialized, historical, and original topics.

“The good thing about CNN Audio and podcasting in general, that is largely on demand, listeners can choose when they want to listen to them and how they can make this coverage part of their daily routines".