Juan Muñoz, CNN en Español: You have to find every space where there is an opportunity to consume information

CNN en Español: Being relevant is increasingly complicated in a world competing for the audience's attention
09 de junio de 2021

The media have the challenge of being relevant in a context in which they compete not only against other media, but also with entertainment channels, streaming, YouTube, and any other application, said Juan Muñoz, director of Digital and Social Networks of CNN en Español, during the PRODU Webinar "The digital transformation of news channels."

“Becoming relevant is more and more complicated because you have to win enthusiasm and attention. The key is, obviously, through credibility, and in making what is relevant interesting, which is part of exercising storytelling techniques, showing different angles, looking for related stories, among others. You also have to meet with the audience on the platforms they use such as messaging services, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, spaces where people consume mainly visual information. On Twitter, where breaking news prevails, Facebook and new networks, such as TikTok or audio networks,” he said, after emphasizing that audiences must be intercepted in their daily routines, hence the importance of podcasting, for those moments when it is difficult to consume visual content. “You have to find every space where there is an opportunity to consume information.”

Regarding the use of the app for CNN en Español, he said that it is necessary to evaluate if it implies a very different way of consuming information, taking advantage of the phone's functionalities. “It doesn't make sense to have an app with all the work it takes to run it if it’s not adding something different. We prefer to focus on a great mobile web,” he said.

For Muñoz this is the best moment in history to do journalism, due to all the tools and platforms that exist. "There are countless ways of telling stories, we must take advantage of this moment while being more responsible than ever when exercising our profession," he said, after highlighting that professional training, but above all human, is essential to maintain credibility, quality, and creativity of the content.

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