Director Eduardo Román: I always thought about making the movie

Cuando Duerme Conmigo will be touring festivals in June and released in theaters in Mexico and the US in August-September
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|02 de marzo de 2022

The film Cuando Duerme Conmigo, an adaptation of a play by director Eduardo Román, which won the award for Best Original Text at the Miami International Small Format Theater Festival in 2016, has just begun post-production. It’s also the first Latin film to use Virtual Production technology.

“I always thought about making the movie. During the pandemic, I started writing the script. It is a book that I like very much and it has been very well received by my partners and investors. Everyone liked it, not only the theme but also the possibility of making an intimate film as a single sequence because it is the story of two characters, which entails a unique risk since it has to be supported by very good performances and a good script," said Román, who is represented by Palomera Group.

With that in mind, Román decided that the Mexican actors Ana Claudia Talancón and Erick Elías will be in the leading roles. Both made a “wonderful duo and an impeccable acting job. They are two all-terrain actors who I could trust and hand them this challenge that involves two characters that are together for a whole night in a hospital waiting room where a lot of things happen. But above all it talks about love, it is a romantic drama,” he said.

The film, produced by 4Cento Films (USA) together with Estudio Cacodelphia (Argentina), Arttess Productions (USA), and 3C Films (Mexico); will be ready in June to participate at major festivals, including San Sebastian and Cannes, and will then be released in theaters in Mexico and the US between August and September. There are also plans to release it on streaming platforms that have already shown interest in the film.

For Román, the premiere of the film in theaters is key. "We want people to return to the cinema, open a debate on how to deal with a tragedy, with the possibility of death, the relationship with children, desires, routine, it is a film to be enjoyed as a couple," he said.

He highlighted "the impeccable work of the great professional Cristian Vega as director of Photography." A special mention also went to the work of the Argentine editor, Alberto Ponce. “He is a very creative guy. I think that he from Buenos Aires and I from Miami, agreed on how we wanted to narrate this film, so that people have 90 minutes of distraction, of tension, but also to open a debate because it talks about love in a different way.” He also praised the costume direction of Tess Marie Román -his wife-, who "did a wonderful job."

Juan Crespo and Eduardo Román are the film’s producers; Mariano Dall Orso, the executive producer; Gustavo Corrado, director of the production; Pablo Stamboulian and David Barco, Assistant Directors; Osky Escanilla, Art director; Fernando Soldevila, sound director, and Marcos Aranda, was responsible for the makeup and hairstyle.

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