Maryorin Méndez, Juan Muñoz and Sarah Mimouni

Dialogue with audiences and their participation is now a priority in the construction of news
Aliana González, Mexico City|09 de junio de 2021

PRODU webinar brought together Juan Muñoz, Digital Director and Social Networks of CNN en Español; Maryorin Méndez, Digital Director of, and Sarah Mimouni, Distribution Manager Latin America & Out of Home of Euronews to talk about the digital transformation of the news networks, in which the key is to be relevant by providing verified, useful and pertinent information, combat fake news and preserve credibility, and involve audiences in the construction of content.

Juan Muñoz explained that one-way journalism no longer works. "We have a very creative and participatory audience that is also a content creator," he said, after commenting that the most obvious way to make participation possible is through social networks with calls to action, text messaging such as WhatsApp, with an initiative called W Report, in which the audience contributes with videos or photographs or giving their opinion on the most relevant issues.

Content created by those who are present where the news occurs is another way in which audiences participate, said Muñoz and Maryorin Méndez. In addition, Méndez pointed out, they do polls on Twitter about topics that are trending topics or comments. What matters, they explained, is that there is a dialogue.

“At Euronews, we try to include all points of view and all voices. We have several programs to listen to our audience, such as Raw Politics Your Call, in which viewers have the opportunity to participate in political debates through a call or ask live. In the elections we produced Sofá Rojo, in which 20 journalists traveled for 10 weeks across 14 European countries to organize interviews with people and talk about various topics, such as the economy, employment, or political instability,” said Sarah Mimouni.