Alberto Pardo, CEO of Adsmovi

Digital transformation accelerates due to new landscape
20 de marzo de 2020

Alberto Pardo, CEO of Adsmovil shared his opinion on the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on the industry. A landscape that he points out “is driving changes in the way people relate to preserve their health and continue producing in the light of a slowdown in the economy.”

According to the executive, digitalization of society went from being indispensable for the world to continue turning and, in this sense, several pillars of the industry are changing and will continue to do so, with the help of technology. Teleworking, distance education, Internet infrastructure, digital businesses, eBanking, online payments, and media consumption, among them.

“Undoubtedly, coronavirus will mark a before and after in our lives, affecting the health of thousands of people, showing us that there are other ways of working, learning, consuming, and interacting,” he stated.

He also emphasized that it is an opportunity to learn maybe faster than we were. “There is a different way to advance societies using the resources technology offers. Resilience is the capability we have to work on the digital transformation of societies in the aim to build a more connected and safe world for everyone,” he concludes.