Panelists of “The Era of the Free, of SVOD and the rebirth of vMVPD (virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributor)

DIRECTV: We look how to use elements of our sports properties as drivers for AVOD and SVOD audiences
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|26 de octubre de 2022

Frida Almaraz, director of Data, Lamac, highlighted during the panel “The Era of the Free, of SVOD and the rebirth of vMVPD (virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributor), that much still needs to be done “to demystify the complexity of audiences on AVOD, FAST and SVOD platforms, and regarding premium video advertising.”

Almaraz stressed the need to create measurements for streaming as well as specific advertising budgets for streaming, to have "specialized internal teams to serve this complex industry."

The panel also included José Rocha, VP of Development and Production, DIRECTV; Walter La Mendola, VP, of AVOD and Ad Sales Partnerships, Paramount and Felipe Rey, Business Development, Google TV. Maribel Ramos-Weiner, senior editorial director of PRODU, served as moderator.

Sports as AVOD and SVOD drivers were another of the topics discussed in the panel. Rocha expressed that at DIRECTV they are looking at how to use certain elements of events such as Copa América, "not the main games, but elements." He mentioned the case of TikTok's short formats, where elements from the sports environment are placed. “We also have to bring to the big screen different generations, that 44% audience of video games, and it can be through AVOD. We don't know the mix needed yet, but we'll get there. To justify the expenses in sports rights, it is necessary that it is paid in some way. It will not be completely for free, but elements of these important properties can be used to make this step from non-payment to payment”, he highlighted.

Mendola agreed with Rocha. “We have that same strategy, that's why sport has worked so well for us. For example, we have Liga Premiere on Paramount+ in Mexico and Central America, with some games on Pluto, but then we have the 2023 Copa Libertadores on Chilevisión and Telefe. So you have a combination of broadcast TV, SVOD, and AVOD and many short formats that can be amplified through social media. You need several legs for the sport to work for you. If you have it in a single space, you are not getting hold of the whole conversation, but with this strategy, property rights of such magnitude can be paid.”

While Rey highlighted the importance of premium pay-for events, both in sports and otherwise. He said that in the future Google TV will be a space where a wide range of services and content is consumed.