Fidela Navarro, CEO of Dopamine

Dopamine: Hernán gathers everything to be a global series
Aliana González|30 de julio de 2019

A global and epic series are two qualifiers that describe Hernán (8x45´), made by Dopamine in collaboration with Onza Entertainment for History. Fidela Navarro, CEO of Dopamine, explains, among other reasons, that it is global because of the story and the characters, who are universal, because they transcend the Mexican and Latin American territory. “Additionally, the storytelling is of the new sort that audiences demand. It requires a very important investment and is in Spanish that must be everywhere in the world," she stated.

For her part, Amaya Muruzábal, creator of the series and director of Content Development at Dopamine, states that it is global mainly because of its content, since it presents a debate that must be made on who Hernán Cortés was. “It is Hernán facing himself,” he said, after explaining that “it is daring, complex content, centered on characters, but at the same time, super exciting and with a very engaging element."

In the eight episodes of the series, each character describes or interprets Cortés under his view, which, in the end offers a crucible with very different views. “It is an epic story, full of passions, full of personal interests and contradictions, as we human beings are,” she says.

Julián de Távira, showrunner of the production, commented that it was the right decision to have two showrunners: one Spanish, Curro Royo, and him, Mexican. “Curro Royo calls the shots regarding script and content and I am more responsible to transfer this to production,” said de Távira.