Fidela Navarro, CEO of Dopamine

Dopamine: We have a multidisciplinary and modular team
Aliana González, Mexico City|17 de enero de 2019

Fidela Navarro, CEO of Dopamine, said they have seven multidisciplinary directors with whom they have set up and efficient team accompanied by a very clear strategy. "There are few of us, we have little luggage, but we are modular," she mentioned.

Attitude defines them: “This industry implies a constant challenge and as executives we must be resistant, have a lot of energy, and be able to control frustration because there is a great deal of competition and this is about falling and getting back up twenty times, no one has a crystal ball," she said.

Amaya Muruzabal, Development and Content Director, came from Spain with great experience in entertainment and fiction. "Additionally, she is a very structured, analytical person; she has worked with a lot of young people, and for me she has that plus, that added value, that a content director must have,” said Navarro.

They are also adding the production director Gabriela Valentán, one of the most relevant Mexican independent producers, with great sensitivity and experience.

They will both work with Susan Rivera, Research Director, who has a different, very fresh and updated view of contents, together with Miguel Rivero, Director of Strategy in Intellectual Property, to handle the different and innovative commercial and business models. They are accompanied by the Finance Director Luisa Díaz, and a Business Director in Spain, José Miguel de la Barrera, with whom they have an office in Spain.